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On average, the majority of children mastering reading skills in 6-7 years. It's great. The child gets the opportunity to get acquainted with the world, not depending on anybody. At any time he can take his interesting book, and read as much as you want. Parents sigh of relief, now with them removed the obligation to read its books to the child. I would like to note that the parents' behavior is fundamentally wrong. It is necessary not only to continue to read aloud to your child, but also to increase the amount of reading. If you stop to read your child stories, soon he fades interest in reading. Firstly, for a child it is still difficult to read and receive the information as a whole. He had hardly puts the letters in a word, is not to deeper meaning. Secondly, there is a sharp dip in the relationship with parents. And if before reading fairy tales was an act of togetherness mom with a toddler, this is now a break when my mother says, "I'm busy now, go read a book." Now, reading the book is perceived more as a negative, as the realization that the child interferes with her mother. Therefore we recommend to read aloud to your child until such time as he will not say that it is sufficient that he was big and he can read.

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